Milk Steamer

Milk Steamer

Commercial milk steamers are a must product in every café or restaurant for hot beverage services. With Cookkart, add this elegant and well-designed commercial milk frother to help your kitchen create delicious, frothy drinks. This authentic milk steamer is easy to use, plus, it increases the efficiency of your café or restaurant or commercial kitchen. The genuine milk steamer has high productivity heating system. High-pressure steam makes for a great superiority Cappuccino and can easily eat and drink. The stainless steel body feature of the steamer adds to its durability and vitality.One of the main features of the product is the steam control knob. Cookkart has provided its customers with superior qualities the product and therefore, this versatile milk steamer is a must product for every marketable kitchen dealing with milk-based beverages. 

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Milk Steamer 6ltr Electric

A commercial milk steamer is an essential addition to your cafe or bistro. A milk steamer allows you to efficiently transform milk and non-dairy alternatives into foam for popular cafe drinks like lat..

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Milk Steamer

This fully automatic milk steamer is now your solution to easy milk frothing, at home or at work. Automatically producing more meticulous milk foam (Thermostat+Pressure pump) This steam foamer ha..

Milk Steamer Automatic

This fully automatic milk steamer is now your solution to easy milk frothing, at home or at work. Digital Display Shows the Temperature Automatically producing more meticulous milk foam (Thermostat +P..
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